Thursday, 4 April 2013

Nature's best

The other night it was cold and it was late. I got an online message from this guy offering me a blow job. He was around my age, bi, tall and lean.

He lived with his sister about five/ten minutes drive away. I said I couldn't host either but we ended up meeting in the woods around the corner from mine. We have done this before but it used to be in a dark area in his neighbourhood. I just couldn't be bothered to start the car this time.

In the dark, with my back against a big tree, he got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He was not the best cocksucker I have met but he was keen. It was only meant to be a quickie anyway. After a while, I emptied my balls while his lips were still firmly wrapped around my cock. Then I pulled my trackies up and left him to finish himself off. (I would have helped if he wanted me to - I'm not a dick.)

On my way back to the street, I thought I'd take a short cut through the woods although the proper footpath was only about thirty yards. But not being able to see in the dark meant that I kept stepping on piles of dead leaves and branches, making a lot of noise like an idiot. You know when you're watching a film and someone tries to open a pack of crisps? That's how discrete I was. I even almost tripped over at one point. The other guy probably heard the noise and thought I was a right tool.

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