Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hot ginger spotting

Say hi to Spencer from the University of Liverpool. Cute and clever. I'll have one of those please.

Friday, 6 September 2013

A hole lot of pleasure

I have been a customer at this local man's private glory hole since a few weeks ago. Every time I opened the wooden gate, walked across the small, unlit back yard and in through the back door, I would find myself in a narrow room just big enough to fit about two more washing machines in. I could see all the rest of the stuff stored on shelves and against the walls with the weak light bulb placed on top of the washing machine. The only other exit was next to the back door - except it was completely blocked with a black wooden board. In the centre of the board there was a droplet shaped hole just big enough to fit a fist through. There was no light on the other side either.

The first time I was in my jeans. I dropped them to midway down my thighs, lowered my underwear and stuck it through the hole. I felt his mouth and his hand and I got hard. He had a wet tongue which ran all over my cock. He was good with his mouth. I could also feel his fingers busy with feeling my skin within the area of the cut-out, from my lower abs to my prostate muscle. He didn't always suck my balls but when I lifted my cock back out of the hole, leaving only the sack to him, he would sucked on them in his mouth like a baby. I liked to thrust it down his throat too - there were rope handles at the top of the wooden board which I didn't notice the first time but when I started using them, face-fucking got a whole lot better. What I loved the most was teasing him by pulling back from the hole so he could only suck on the head. Then I would step back a little further so he couldn't have it at all. His open mouth and nose would emerge from the shadow behind the board, cautiously but also desperate. The heavy breathing became a low, begging moan. Then I would let him reunite with the meat and he would moan in relief, like giving the drip bag back to a terminal patient. Best fucking sound.

I have used public glory holes before. But this is, to my surprise, quite a different experience. There is no risk factor compared to fun in public. However, it means I can take as long as I like, and the surrounding is so quiet that I can really focus on the senses on your cock, his nose nuzzling in the area when he goes all the way down, and the little moan of satisfaction when I rewarded him after half an hour with spurts of warm cream which he always gobbles down without missing a drop.