Friday, 29 March 2013

The first thing I did...

...on Good Friday. How Christian of me.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In control

I have mentioned this older guy before (in this post) who I have started to see regularly, about once a week. But in the beginning when we met anonymously and just fucked in the dark, I wanted his cock and nothing more. After blowing my load I'd always just want to get up and go although he'd want to cuddle for a bit which I found a bit uncomfortable. Then it all changed when I started to see him as a person.

But one thing that hasn't changed is that he likes to be in control in bed. Sometimes he takes my hand off my cock to make sure I'm not enjoying myself too much. And when he wants me to cum he'd always pin my hands down above my head with one hand and, with his spit in the other, stroke my cock until I blow and I can't do anything to stop him.

I think he likes to be dominant that's why he's a copper.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Young talent at the gym

This young guy in a blue vest and white football shorts caught my eye at the gym. He didn't have big arms or chest or muscles and looked like he just started coming the to gym. But still had a naturally lean, toned shaped presumably from doing other sports. A trainer was showing him how to use some of the equipment while his dad was on the treadmill. I know what you're thinking - that he must be illegal. I don't know, he must have been at least 18. But he was cute as.
Ok he was AT LEAST 17.

I saw him again in the changing room when he got out of the shower. As with a lot of young guys with lean bodies, he too had nice abs that looked like he never had to work hard for them. He was drying himself next to his dad who was getting dressed. I was about ten feet away getting dressed on another bench. But I had to sneak a look when he took the towel off to put his pants on...and I saw the big sleeping beauty, dangling nicely between his smooth legs. Deluxe uncut edition. Look at the picture below - same body type but his wally was easily twice the size, soft!

His dad must be dead proud.

Friday, 22 March 2013


I train with my swimming club every week and this week it turned out our coach had invited another group he was also coaching to train with us - university students. There were about five of us and eight of them. Immediately I thought I'd probably struggle to keep up with them because they were all a few years younger than me. A couple of the boys looked like competitive swimmers (and really hot) and none of the girls were out of shape.
That's why I was surprised when half of them started to struggle after the 300m warm up. Our coach seemed to have planned an easier set than what we normally did to accommodate the range of abilities. One of them still got a cramp and they liked to climb out and sit down after each 50m sprint which I found amusing. But I said nothing.

Anyway so it seemed the effort I put into training did pay off. I never trained as hard when I was a student. And I should be more confident with my abilities now - I didn't have low self-esteem but I was never one to show off.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Supply and demand

Someone online offered to buy a pair of my boxers. Then he asked for a used condom with it for an extra tenner.

Andy (straight guy) from work once told me about his friend who sold his worn football socks on eBay. And later on he was asked to sell the socks with his cum on. Andy looked like he was grossed out as he talked. I thought, unless you are famous or there are people who want to replicate your DNA, you would do it wouldn't you? It's not too hard a job and you basically make money from nothing. Why do people get offended so easily?

(This does not mean that I sold.)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cheeky choker

Athletic guys and hunks are hot. But sometimes the average slender-type guy next door looks like so much more fun. I'd love to choke on this guy's cock. Just saying.


Since there has been no sign of life from my smartphone after it got a bit of splash (ok maybe a bit more than a splash but still pathetic), I have been looking on Gumtree for a second hand iPhone - I need something cheap and reliable. For those of you not in the UK, Gumtree is the biggest website here for classified ads where anyone can post for free. I have used Gumtree before to buy a set of desk and chair and recently a double mattress.
With something like an iPhone the risk is obviously bigger because more money is involved and you could be looking at your friend's phone that got stolen last week. But there are some good bargains to be found.

Anyway, I found an ad posted a couple of days ago and arranged to meet with the seller. By the time I finished work and made my way to the south coast, the sun had gone and I waited for him outside a local gym where there was a bus stop. He turned up in a windbreaker and he shook my hand. He was about 35, tall, had a beard and glasses and was incredibly hot. Definitely hotter than Hot Dad at my office. My defence mechanisms was non-existent at this point. He had an European accent and apparently it was his girlfriend's iPhone. I had a quick look at it and made sure the buttons were not stuck although I was already convinced before I opened the box. He even said I could ring him if there was a problem with the phone - what kind of classified seller offers after-sale service!?
I know this is pretty mundane stuff to blog about but I'm just so pleased with my experience. Finding good quality stuff with a low price tag is a bargain but getting it from a genuine, honest seller is priceless.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Straight boy trouble

My thoughts are all over the place.

It was the company's annual ball at the hotel and a lot of us had booked rooms to stay over. I ended up sharing a room with another guy who I get along with really well in the office. It wasn't my idea initially though. This guy is the same age as me, cute, tall and lean, which fits his posh style. We banter a lot at work on the office messenger. I tease him about the things he does at every opportunity and he takes it well. But he is not gay - occasionally he makes comments about women and you can tell it's not an act. He wasn't embarrassed about mentioning to other people that we were sharing a room either. To him, we were simply capitalising on the benefits from the company. He even joked that I was his date and said things that would have been blatantly flirting if anyone knew I was gay.

By three o'clock in the morning, we were all pretty drunk and headed off from the bar. I was ready to collapse on our double bed (he didn't mind that we had to share a double bed either) so when we got to the room I stripped down to my boxers straight away and climbed into bed. And he did the same after using the toilet.

For the entire night, I had to resist the urge to move closer and touch him. I woke up a number of times during the night because of the alcohol, temperature in the room etc and every time I sneaked a few peeks at him and had to stop myself from thinking about spooning him. It was hard.

Although I was ready to tell the truth if he asked, he had no idea that he was almost naked in bed with a gay guy and it was unfair on him. But after this, it might now be an even worse time to tell him. I don't want to spoil our relationship. I don't know what I should do.

Shit. Now he's on my mind all the time.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

No strings...?

A whole week without new posts! Man I'm already slacking.

My phone is dead. I don't know if it's ever going to come back to life. It's an HTC and I drowned it when I pushed a pillow out of bed and tipped over a glass of water. It wasn't my bed I was in.

I met this guy in summer last year. He is about fifteen years than me. And quite a bit taller. In the beginning I only went to his house for hard sex. No lights. No names. No chat. Never thought I'd one day wake up in his bed just because I wanted to sleep with him. Very odd.

No, we are not in a relationship. It feels good when we're together but we have just started to get to know each other (when we are in bed but not at it).