Friday, 1 November 2013

The nurse kept calling me angel despite I am a grown man

I am lucky enough that I have not had any long term illness or major injuries so although my dad used to be a doctor, I don't find myself in a practice or talking to medical professionals very often. I get up extra early this morning to get some blood samples taken before work. The main branch of the vein is not popping up so the nurse goes for the side vein. She pushes the needle in and puts a sample tube at the end. So here I am, squeezing my fist, watching my blood squirt out of the needle in a narrow stream, filling the mini test tube with a dark red liquid. It is kind of exciting. But I am worried that the stream will stop for some reason before all three of the tubes are filled. I remember the first time - and the only time - I defied the law and lied about my sexuality just so I could give blood. It took a bit longer than usual according to the nurse because my forearm was not strong enough. Well I never went back anyway because I don't want to force my gay blood on anybody...Of course I don't say that out loud when my colleagues talk about giving blood, how it's good for you etc etc. I just say, yeah well done.