Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Whatever you do,

don't piss off Anonymous.

Following the London street killing of British soldier Lee Rigby last week, the far-right English Defence League (EDL) have been attacking Muslims, figuratively and in some cases physically. I never thought anyone in their right mind would take the EDL seriously because they always masked their faces in street protests like they couldn't stand up for their political view.

The hackers who have released the video above are also in the shadows but for a different reason. When I first saw the video I thought someone had been watching too much sci-fi/crime TV. But actually what they claim to be capable of, I believe is true. They have already published online phone numbers and addresses for senior EDL figures and donors to the group. Wouldn't it be great if they could hijack an EDL member's computer while he's watching porn and show a detonator timer counting down on full screen.

Monday, 27 May 2013

"Were you expecting an exploding gun?"

If you could imagine for a second, James Bond with the new Q...together. Does it feel a bit wrong? I don't know. But that's how I would describe the contrast / mismatch between Rob and I.

His eyes actually look like Daniel Craig's, on a slightly nicer face with the same hair, but obviously nowhere as built as the MI6 agent. He is all the action (as a policeman) and I am all the brain. Just imagine the horror on Judi Dench's face when she finds out.
(In case anyone was wondering, my dad is alive and well, and never abused me as a child.)

Sodom (and Gomorrah)

If any preachers use the destruction of Sodom to condemn the gays again, I'm going to walk out. They should read the Bible a few more times and think about what's been written.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sorry I couldn't help staring

I was mesmerised by the shapes on his body. He should never be allowed to walk around with a shirt on.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

In another life I would be a filmmaker

I was out on Saturday night and met this guy who was friend of a friend. He was a film director and writer with his own page on IMDB. I tend to associate young people on the art scene, especially those in London, with Ray-Bans wearing east end hipsters in skinny jeans with a cigarette between their fingers. But this guy was actually quite friendly and easy to talk to. If he was ever a hipster, he had grown out of it.
I have thought about going into film making. I was really into making videos and editing when I was a student. In fact I have wanted to do many things. As a child I wanted to be an artist doing sketches and paintings - the creative flair did not run in the family so people were amazed by my talent (or wondered if I was adopted). When I was old enough to realise that an artist was not a real job, I wanted to become a product designer making cool chairs and gadgets you don't need but you'd still want to buy anyway. Then I chose engineering at university because I thought if my brain got fried I could still start again with design (like a gamble with contingency). That was before I got into looking through the camera lens.

Sometimes I wonder if I have sold out, by not taking the risk of the filmmaking world. But I do want to use my engineering skills to do disaster relief / development work in the future. It will happen because it has always been at the back of my mind - as long as I don't let myself get too used to a comfortable life that is dependant on a healthy salary.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Does it work or am I being daft?

This little purple guy came in through the post last week. I got it because I have an issue with my other entry being too tight. So tight that every time I want to let someone in, it takes forever. Starting with one finger, lots of lube, two fingers, slight pain, more lube, three, deep breaths...and we are both ten years older by the time I am ready. There is something anatomically different about my backend that makes you wanna give up.

I am hoping that with the use of this little fella, which is actually shorter than a coke can, maybe the respective muscles will gain more flexibility. I have put it in once. It's not hard to slide in with some lube - after all it is the lowest level of the beginners type in terms of size, like putting a finger in. But I found myself clenching the cheeks to keep it in because it felt like it could easily come out - there is not enough anchorage! So if an unexpected fart came on, it might shoot out and break the window. Get a bigger one? Maybe. I just might explode when I have to pass wind.

Monday, 13 May 2013

I hooked up with a random Dutchman yesterday

and it was mediocre. He fucking loved it - moaning and groaning like an old woman. I finished just in time to get out before the car park started charging.

I did it only because I felt like I had been with the same person for a long time (in relative terms) and I wasn't used to that. But as it turned out I had wasted my time. I realised it wouldn't be easy to find someone more compatible with me than Rob, in bed and in...person. Not impossible. But not Grindr-easy either.

Right after my last post about him, he texted back and everything was ok. Before my trip to Scotland we were talking in bed.
"We need to do something about this," he said.
"About what?"
"Us. We should do dinner."
I said yeah (although I wasn't sure if it was a good idea) but knowing it wasn't gonna happen in the near future. 

For the first time, he mentioned the age gap. Apparently his ex was a lot younger than him...but our gap is doubly wide. I don't think he likes to think about the future either.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Hi, come downstairs and get some head ;)

Hm. Looks like Mr Hot-neighbour is looking to get rid of his Micra. I am tempted to say hello since he's put his number out. "Hi. You are smoking hot. Thought I'd let you know."

Actually that's creepy.

I wonder how much action it has seen...The last time I had any car action was a while ago when I was at uni. Late night hook up that kinda thing. I wouldn't do it in my own, no.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Safe-for-work post: Scottish Highlands

I was away during the weekend - turned my back on the sunny South for the cold and wet Scotland. It was still amazing.

I grew up in a busy city. Perhaps that's why I find the nature so attractive and fascinating. It was my first time to Scotland and sure enough I will be back.

There were seven of us including Phil. Nothing happened between us. The more time I spent with him the more certain I was that he was straight and not my type anyway, which was great because otherwise he would have occupied my thoughts all the time and ruined the trip for me. We're still good friends.

I like the Scottish accent. It's not sexy but still nicer than any English accent. Rob is Scottish but he has very little accent. I just thought he was from up North until I saw the tartan attributed to his surname.

Glen Coe - remember the scene from Skyfall?

Approaching the summit of Ben Nevis

Thursday, 2 May 2013

I am waiting for the day he says no

Apparently Rob was on Grindr twenty minutes ago. But he hasn't replied to the text I sent yesterday... Meh. Older men are flakey anyway.

If I text him and he's at work / in bed, he always replies when his shift is over or when he sees the message. I read on another blog that young men need to be the ones doing the pursuing. It doesn't seem fair but four out of five times it was indeed me who sent the first message.

Funny because a few months ago, when it was still a purely physical relationship (i.e. he messaged me, we fucked, I didn't know his name, he didn't know mine) I tried to walk away. After a few times of refusing his invitation to go to his place with different excuses, he got the idea and said if I wasn't interested anymore I could tell him but it would be a shame, because he felt there was chemistry between us. At that time, I wasn't interested in anyone - I wasn't even interested in sex for some unknown reasons. But now I feel like the table has turned.