Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Guess what, I had my crack wax yesterday. HAHA! I have never done waxing before. I am not particularly hairy either. But I like the completely smooth feeling of the skin - it's horny. I have tried doing it myself with hair removal cream but it's tricky and takes ages so I don't do it regularly. Maybe once in a few months.

I came across this guy on a cruising website and he sounded professional, with proper qualifications and a dedicated website. Not one of those pervy men who offer massages but what they are really interested in is getting off on touching your cock. So I went to his place and he had a special treatment room. He was in his 40's, but in good shape and not bad looking either - I wouldn't say no if he had offered (don't judge). But he was very professional throughout - never even touched my balls. I got hard a few times because basically I had to be on all fours with my head down and bum up in the air, like I was ready to take a big one, and he didn't say anything even when precum starting dripping from my cock.

Anyway, it wasn't painful if that's what you are wondering. He used hot wax and I tensed up a bit when he ripped the hardened wax off but the pain was so short that by the time I could making a grunting noise it didn't hurt anymore. Now I have a bum that is smooth like it used to be a few years ago!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The age thing

I was chatting half-heartedly with this guy on Grindr the other night. He had a nice profile picture and I had seen it before but never initiated chat because I didn't think he was my type. He is 28 but looked about 21 in his picture - I hardly ever go for younger guys. The chain around his neck also put me off - scally lads porn can be hot sometimes but it does nothing for me in real life. Anyway, despite all the preconceptions the conversation carried on - after he'd shown me pics of his nice looking cock, to the point I almost agreed to meet him.

The next evening he messaged me again. It'd been a while since I last hooked up with someone and I was in the mood. So I drove over to the hotel he was staying in, which was also his workplace as it turned out.

He opened the door in a t-shirt and joggers and he actually looked younger than me - it wasn't just an old picture that he used for his profile. He was about 5'9, medium build, got more meat on his body than me but not the gym type. We made small talks in front of the telly and he seemed quite laid back - no chav speak or Adidas tracksuits in the room. Our hands were going up and down each other's legs and soon enough we were out of our clothes making out on the sofa. He hand kept going down for my bum, trying to get a finger in. And when it started to go in he moved it about to loosen up the hole but with little success without any real lube. We carried on in the bedroom and sucked each other on the bed. He had obviously thought about fucking me but we ended up just making out and wanking off and we both came on his stomach and chest.

He was a nice lad - chilled out and a good laugh. The sex was not bad but he still felt like a uni student to me and I like more mature guys rather than boys who live on Haribo's and booze. I have never had a seriously relationship that lasted longer than three months so that seems to be what I think about when I get dressed after a hookup - is this the kind of guy I'm looking for?

By the way, does anyone know where Bi Like Me has gone?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Man flu

Fucking hate getting ill! Apparently a lot of people got the bug last week so I became part of the statistics. I don't want to keep going on about my flu but it was odd that I didn't have any cold symptoms, only tiredness and upset stomach which prevented me from eating properly for ages and I'm still not eating as much now as before the MAN flu.

I went back to swimming training last night. And the lesson learnt was DON'T do sprints in your first hour back in the pool after being off for more than a week. Bloody CRAMPS! I can still feel the bugger in my calves today. Not good.

No I did not catch it from the pool. People get put off by dirty swimming pools but the disinfecting chemicals, whether it's chlorine or ozone, make it almost impossible to pass bugs between swimmers. But out of the pool, there are other risks. If there is one advice I could give, don't walk barefoot around the pool area or in changing rooms!