Sunday, 23 February 2014

He polishes well

Sochi's concluded. But I'm still catching up on the replays. I have to say snowboard cross is by far the best event to watch. And the bobsleigh is at the opposite end of the scale because you can't see what they are doing at all - they might as well be having a wank in the giant toy car. I still have a million questions about curling. Like, why are they always in such a hurry to clear the stones at the end? Anyhow, here are a couple of men curlers I enjoyed looking at.

Niklas Edin, 28 years of age, is the Swedish skip. He is not the tallest Olympian but littler guys tend to have more power packed into it. I want him to model for H&M, not Beckham.

Scott Andrews, 24, is the British second. He is engaged/married (BITCH!) but he can still come around to clean my floor.

Moan, boy...

Came across this blog called MoaningMen where you can find audio tracks of...well, moaning men! I found myself oozing stickiness uncontrollably listening to some of the tracks. It is not any less horny than watching porn (which is sometimes quite boring) because you have so much room for imagination - another reason why I like listening to talk shows on the radio when I drive. I am not as vocal though when I shag - heavy breathing yes but no moaning. Keeping the noise down is a habit I acquired from university and the surrounding wooded areas. But I haven't lost the ability to use my vocal cord when necessary (like when it's fucking big!). Is moaning a turn-on for you?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Light bulb moment

There was a new guy in my lane today at swimming. We get one or two new members every month on average and people come and go for different reasons so the group has never grown significantly since I've been there. The previous addition a few weeks ago was a university student who almost looked underage. He is smaller than me. Dark haired, cute, black stud in his ear; small tattoos on his lean and toned body. He has the most typical 18 year old twinky-skater-boy-porn-star looks (and name). His perky ass is easy on the eyes but other than that I'm not interested. I have seen him rolling a cigarette after a swim. I don't understand why he bothers. (Probably forced to come by his boyfriend.)

Today's hottie is a 30-something who is bigger than our little porn star but still slightly shorter than me. You can tell he works hard in the gym from his strong but perfectly proportioned body. His pecs are more bulgy than the other muscle groups but I find it a great turn on because, really, the chest is the best place on a tight body for a bit of extra softness. Swimmers just don't get puffy pecs. He doesn't have washboard abs - I'm not into it anyway - but there is no fat around his waist. He is not bad looking either. Not the centre-of-attention kind of face but if I saw him in the supermarket I would go back an aisle to have another look. I keep stealing looks at his chest, legs and ass whenever we stop to listen to Coach. If he had a deeper voice and let his facial hair grow I would have accidentally backed up against his crotch.

Anyway, after training a few of us head to the pub for a drink. I don't normally go but I want to know more about this guy, who seems to be quite easy to talk to. So we have a drink, chat about swimming and holidays and shit. He's cool. His tenor voice makes him sound a little camp but he's not. Then I notice - the bloody ring on his ring finger. For fuck sake. He must have put it back on after swimming. And he is saying "we" are going to Sydney for a few weeks. Damn. I guess he will just become like the other two men I used to fantasise about but turned into good friends after finding out they were both happily attached.

Then there is a light bulb moment. I think the problem is I like men at least five ten years older than me. But all the good guys would have found someone by the time they are in their thirties. So how this ever going to work?

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy days?

I found myself in the gym again on Valentine's evening. No dates. So why not? I don't feel left out - or no more than the other 364 days.

The wind is howling outside. The headlines this week have all been about the ongoing storms and floods in the country. The States is also covered in snow and it's so hot in Australia you could spontaneously combust. This climate change thing is getting down to business.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi Brad,

How are you? :)

I saw you last night, in my sleep. You were only a few feet away but you didn't see me. I stood there, wanting to call but there were people around you. I was a bit scared.

I am doing great. It's good in a way to be back to the work routine and work is actually not too routine. You are on my mind every day. I don't think about it - but there is always something that makes me think of you.

Take care


Ethan xxx


He never replied. He wants me to just forget about him.

I have come to terms with the fact that our week together was just...a moment when two parallel lives intersected. My feelings were real but I was not in a position to ask for anything more. I only sent the email to provoke a response. He couldn't even reply to tell me what's been going on in his life - like I were a healing wound that he knew not to touch. He is a softie. I will leave him alone.

Or did it happen the other way round?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

I am not ageist but...

This guy is about a year younger. He spoke to me on Grindr first but he only goes online once or twice during the week. Then we start chatting on Whatsapp. His profile picture on there is even cuter - makes me want to park my cock in his ass. But our conversations never touch on that - all I know is he wants to go down on me.

He works in the office block next to mine. We have checked each other out at the gym down the road. He is about my height, with a bit more weight on (which is cute and makes him more approachable). A week later when I see him at the gym again, I say hi on the way out. He is on the legs machine. Later on, he texts me to say he had a boner when I talked to him.

A few days later, we finally meet up after work, at mine. He is the typical boy next door - a PS3 gamer, smokes a bit after a few drinks, ear piercing, a bit young and reckless. We start feeling each other up. We kiss and undo each other's work trousers. He has a nice hard cock about the same size. Then Cock play, stripping, sucking. You know the dance. I quite enjoy the kissing just because he's nice to look at. 

He is keen on sucking and stroking, sometimes both at the same time. I thought I was good with my mouth but I don't seem to be giving him the same level of pleasure. "Tickle my balls," he says. I follow the instructions with the other hand that is not on his cock, and he approves, laying on his back. He gets me closer to the tipping point and I go faster on his - I want to make him cum first. He must be close too. He takes over from me but I keep the tips of my fingers on his balls. He warns that he is going to make a mess. He blows and it all landed safely on his stomach. White, average load. I wipe a bit off to put on my cock as lube and I am pumping away again. My ab muscles tense and I shoot. I get his neck and there are a few more wet trails on his body. "I think you win, mate" he almost chuckles. Yeah well, I probably had a better angle.
I throw him a towel. We get dressed and get out of the flat together. I feel a little light headed but I still have to go back to the office to sit in a presentation.

He seems fun to play with but that's it, unfortunately. I have already looked past the fact that he smokes (though only socially). But I still can't connect with him like I connected with Brad. The age gap is much wider than the difference in time between when we came into the world.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I am still a growing boy

According to the weight tracking app I have gained around 10 lbs over the last six months. Is that a lot or not? I don't see any change physically although a few guys from the swimming club have commented. But now I believe because my shirts are becoming too tight and I need to get some new ones.

I have never gained weight like this for years. It's like a second growth spurt. My cat has bulked up a bit too. But he's young and he runs like mental all the time so he'll work it off.