Saturday, 29 June 2013

Like an unsuspecting fish

It's definitely not the first time that Rob has gone radio silent for days. He doesn't text back. He doesn't show up on Grindr. He doesn't go on the other (cruising) website where we first met. Although we are not in a relationship, I think about him a lot and every time he goes AWOL I wonder if something has happened to him. The night before he was still telling me about policing at Wimbledon and saying we will def meet up tomorrow night.

Four days later, Rob shows up on the website with a randy status, looking for sex. It would appear that he's not dead after all. I have no problem with him shagging whoever. But I am really struggling to understand what's on his mind.
Is he trying to keep me at a distance to prevent anything from developing? The gap in age between us is a very good reason why a relationship might be unrealistic. But he is the one who's talked about taking me to his favourite restaurant. He is the one who's bought me something from the shop. He is the one who's made me breakfast. Now he's got me on the hook.

My little brain cannot make sense of the signals. But I'm not going to ask him when I see him next, because I don't want him to think that I'm getting all serious and worked up. Life wouldn't be so stressful if I could find someone my age, or more straight forward.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The reason I missed swimming

I sent a message to this local guy last night. He must have missed it but when he replied today I happened to be online although I had to go to the swimming club soon. He said he didn't have much time but wanted me to suck him dry. I agreed to let him come to mine - my place is hardly ever used for hook-ups but I'll make an exception.

The first time we met in the shades in a business park where it was completely empty at night. The second time I had him over at my flat. He was the kind who didn't want a regular but would come back after a few months. On his hook-up profile he is Sammy, 26, same height as me, bi and vers, with the main picture showing off his cock but not bothered with his hot, naturally fuzzy body - typical straight mindset. Every time we have met, we haven't exchanged more than a few words. This time was the same: he just wanted to be sucked off.

Five minutes later, he walked through the door and dropped his shorts. Like before, his eyes were evasive and clearly didn't really want me to take a good look at him. I complied, although he couldn't hide the stunning face with the well-groomed heavy stubble which was my big weakness.

His cock was soft when I took it into my mouth but it quick rose to a hard, plump stance. The shape of his cock was perfect and it wasn't so big that I couldn't go down to the base of the shaft. Lovely. My hands were running up and down his fuzzy front and feeling his hard nipples. He didn't have the most defined bulging pecs and abs but his body was rock solid. I could smell cigarette from his clothes but it wasn't strong enough to put me off - he was too hot. I ventured to his thighs and got a good feel of his ass. With my mouth wrapped around his meat, I took the liberty to play with his hole. He was tight. I didn't want to wait another few months so I turned him around and starting feasting on his fruity hole. He was only slightly leaning against the wall with his t-shirt and zip-up hoodie still on. I could run my tongue up and down and around his hole all day. But it seemed that he wasn't in the mood for it and he turned back around for my mouth. My guess is I was licking a cherry that hasn't been popped.

I sucked on it for a bit more and he gave it a few strokes in between (does that mean I wasn't good enough?). He was stroking it faster but I could only suck on the head because he wouldn't let go of it until he was really close. As soon as he let go I went down on the lolly so his leak hole was at the back of my tongue. He was very quiet the entire time. I tasted the cream but I kept milking with my mouth until he was completely soft. He pulled out and turned around for the door before he had even pulled his shorts up. "Cheers see you later," he mumbled as he hurried out.

They say smoking ruins the taste of cum. I don't suck enough cock to make a fair call but I thought it was not bad at all. Kinda wish he had cum more so I could get a better taste. My judgement might have been clouded by his head to toe hotness.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dear my year 7 self

Change of tone from the previous post...

For some reason, what the lady at 6:15 said, I found it quite moving. I was never the kid that stood out in a funny way so it probably wasn't a personal connection. Just the way she talked about her guilty feeling that showed how much she cared about her brother. Love is beautiful.

Friday, 21 June 2013

A good massage without the happy ending

It's not what you are thinking about. But close.

I had to travel up to the north west earlier this week for some company-run training so I went the night before and stayed at a hotel. I didn't have my car with me and there was not much around so I loaded up Grindr and started getting messages - as the fresh meat in the area.

To cut a long story short, this guy caught my attention but he was stalling all night, asking horny questions without showing real intention to put into action. And he vanished in the end. Why do people waste their own time and others like that? Real tosser.

Meanwhile, this older man was pestering me with a message every ten minutes. Persistance becomes desperation after a while. It wasn't particularly attractive. While still being stalled by Mr Trimmedchest, I said I just wanted him to open me up so I could let someone else in later - a request I thought might turn him away. But it didn't seem to have dampened his spirit at all.

Before I had even agreed, he said he was already in the car park. Hey if he's happy to work for me at the other end, not requiring any active participation on my part, I have nothing to lose right? So I told him the room number.

He looked a bit older than in the photos - they always do don't they - and was a bit too "nice" like he was my uncle or something. Er, please just get on with it. I didn't actually say that.

I stripped off and he followed. I moved to his left side with my back to him so I could give him a few strokes and he could start working on my manhole. He was surprisingly good. He had a lot of lube that felt watery but it did the job. Soon enough I was on all fours on the bed and he was giving my tunnel an all-direction rub. Deep and thorough. Sometimes with a finger on each hand stretching my muscle. I must have been dripping a bit when he was massaging my prostate with his thumb on the inside and the rest of his hand around my balls. But I wasn't giving him my full attention every second - I was still checking Grindr in the hope that Trimmedchest or some other hot guy would turn up, now that my third eye had opened.

Without pulling his fingers out, he came around to my left so I could suck him. I did for a bit to be polite, then went back to enjoying the stretch. Then, as the final stage of the exercise, he put a condom on and made sure I was ready for whoever I was expecting. His shaft was bigger than average - he was a tall man. I felt the stretch but he had warmed me up so well that it never hurt a bit, even when he was going in and out at full speed.

He pulled out, said he needed a break and sat down on the bed against the wall, still smiling. I checked Grindr again - no offers that I wanted to take. But I told him that someone was on their way. He got the idea (or actually believed me) and started getting dressed again. I thanked him. He left. And that was that. Then I realised that my groin area was actually slightly sore. Like the spent feeling after wanking off multiple times. Or I guess in this case, the kind of muscle ache after an intense workout?

By then I was happy enough to go to bed without a second visitor. I felt absolutely great. It'd been so long I had almost forgotten the feeling of being stretched and I did just that tonight, blowing the cobwebs off. It was even better that I didn't blow my load - I was in the best state just before peaking so I didn't have to go through the flop. Because you are meant to enjoy the relaxing effects of a massage for as long as you can.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sorry but I enjoy footballers more than the game

I am not a fan of freaky Final-Destination-esq smudged-up faces either but it's not like I'm doing it to a Mona Lisa so there you go. Keep your eyes on the good stuff.
Fit! It's all in the stubbles. (And no the other guy did not put his hand down his shorts.)

This pic doesn't really show the HOTNESS underneath. I tried.

This blond from Manchester put way more goals in than anyone else. And he tried to flirt with me. Damn straight tosser.

And finally, not the hottest piece of meat on the field but definitely an award-winning bloggers-stealing multiple-orgasm-inducing photo.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Footy is not my sport

And it's even more irritating when you are just watching. The only reason I stood in the wind for half a day today for the company's football tournament was because someone had asked me to take photos and I didn't have a legitimate excuse not to go.

I wouldn't have complained if it were a calm, sunny day but the wind was so strong it nearly blew my boss' moustache off his face. The only upside was that there were five teams of men in shorts running around. Of course not everyone was athletic - we are an engineering/management company. But those who were probably got featured a few more times on my camera than the others. On a few occasions I might have orgasmed in my mind. Now let's see if I can process the images on my computer without getting a hard on.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Facebook drool

If you are hot (like him above - this guy is SEX! fuck), and you put pics of yourself up on any social network without restrictions on who can see them, they are going to end up getting featured on a blog like this. (I don't actually know either of them. Friends of friends.)

My facebook settings are pretty high on the privacy scale. I don't let people see pics I've been tagged in. I only share my own photos with a selected few. You might want to see if I have any hot friends...but NO, I won't allow it.

So it's a choice. If you have nice abs to share with the world, I am more than happy to lend a hand...after it's done draining the pipe of course. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ramble and a pic

Apparently it was the naked bike ride in Brighton. I was only driving past and I didn't stick around to watch. I imagined it was fun, if not a bit cold before the sun came out later in the afternoon. But you'd probably struggle to spot the hot ones among the other naked bodies and shriveled bits anyway...

Last summer I rode from London to Brighton over night and almost fell off my bike. I kept nodding off after half way because I had just done a swim event in the day and was exhausted. Never signing up for events without thinking again.

I love this pic. Do you see a rising or setting sun?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

It's not exactly Da Vinci code, is it

I was in bed with Rob the other night. My skin against his and with every breath, chest rising and falling rhythmically but slowly, as I fell asleep.

*  *  *

I was with an older guy. His face did not remind me of any particular person I knew. We had been together for a while. But the problem was, quite frankly, that I didn't find him attractive anymore for some reason. It wasn't a conscious decision to be seeking out faults or to turn cold. I wasn't seeing somebody else. Just the way it had turned out. I felt bad because he obviously still liked me a lot and I didn't know how to tell him. I could not stay with someone I had no feelings for, but I had no idea how to get away either. It felt heavy. I didn't want to hurt anyone. What do I do?

*  *  *

My eyes reacted to the morning light seeping through the curtains and I was awake. Took a few seconds to remember where I was, and who I was with. But I felt relieved and snuggled up against Rob.

Don't get me wrong. We are both still single.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Poppered up, head down

Last time I got a nose burn from getting too close to the evil little bottle, I swore never to accept it again. I have never bought the stuff. I was offered every time I took it. Rob reckoned it would help me open up - but I still wanted to pass out when he drove that space shuttle into the Hobbit's cave. What is the fucking point?

When I got up today, the burn looked even more obvious than yesterday with some kind of thin scab formed in the area. Basically I looked like a crackhead.

It was still concealable - good thing I didn't empty the whole bottle on my face. So I walked into the office hoping nobody would talk to me from closer than a couple of desks' radius. At least it was a Friday which meant there were fewer people in the office. I think I did ok. Nobody was staring at my nose for ages when I was talking to them. Nobody would think I was the type to sniff anything.

Kids, don't do drugs.