Thursday, 27 June 2013

The reason I missed swimming

I sent a message to this local guy last night. He must have missed it but when he replied today I happened to be online although I had to go to the swimming club soon. He said he didn't have much time but wanted me to suck him dry. I agreed to let him come to mine - my place is hardly ever used for hook-ups but I'll make an exception.

The first time we met in the shades in a business park where it was completely empty at night. The second time I had him over at my flat. He was the kind who didn't want a regular but would come back after a few months. On his hook-up profile he is Sammy, 26, same height as me, bi and vers, with the main picture showing off his cock but not bothered with his hot, naturally fuzzy body - typical straight mindset. Every time we have met, we haven't exchanged more than a few words. This time was the same: he just wanted to be sucked off.

Five minutes later, he walked through the door and dropped his shorts. Like before, his eyes were evasive and clearly didn't really want me to take a good look at him. I complied, although he couldn't hide the stunning face with the well-groomed heavy stubble which was my big weakness.

His cock was soft when I took it into my mouth but it quick rose to a hard, plump stance. The shape of his cock was perfect and it wasn't so big that I couldn't go down to the base of the shaft. Lovely. My hands were running up and down his fuzzy front and feeling his hard nipples. He didn't have the most defined bulging pecs and abs but his body was rock solid. I could smell cigarette from his clothes but it wasn't strong enough to put me off - he was too hot. I ventured to his thighs and got a good feel of his ass. With my mouth wrapped around his meat, I took the liberty to play with his hole. He was tight. I didn't want to wait another few months so I turned him around and starting feasting on his fruity hole. He was only slightly leaning against the wall with his t-shirt and zip-up hoodie still on. I could run my tongue up and down and around his hole all day. But it seemed that he wasn't in the mood for it and he turned back around for my mouth. My guess is I was licking a cherry that hasn't been popped.

I sucked on it for a bit more and he gave it a few strokes in between (does that mean I wasn't good enough?). He was stroking it faster but I could only suck on the head because he wouldn't let go of it until he was really close. As soon as he let go I went down on the lolly so his leak hole was at the back of my tongue. He was very quiet the entire time. I tasted the cream but I kept milking with my mouth until he was completely soft. He pulled out and turned around for the door before he had even pulled his shorts up. "Cheers see you later," he mumbled as he hurried out.

They say smoking ruins the taste of cum. I don't suck enough cock to make a fair call but I thought it was not bad at all. Kinda wish he had cum more so I could get a better taste. My judgement might have been clouded by his head to toe hotness.

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