Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In control

I have mentioned this older guy before (in this post) who I have started to see regularly, about once a week. But in the beginning when we met anonymously and just fucked in the dark, I wanted his cock and nothing more. After blowing my load I'd always just want to get up and go although he'd want to cuddle for a bit which I found a bit uncomfortable. Then it all changed when I started to see him as a person.

But one thing that hasn't changed is that he likes to be in control in bed. Sometimes he takes my hand off my cock to make sure I'm not enjoying myself too much. And when he wants me to cum he'd always pin my hands down above my head with one hand and, with his spit in the other, stroke my cock until I blow and I can't do anything to stop him.

I think he likes to be dominant that's why he's a copper.

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Anonymous said...

that is sooo hot... how he likes to dominate you :-) must be from all the repressed feelings as a cop ...i could be wrong

enjoying your blog :-)