Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I know I know. Where the fuck have I been right? I haven't been away (not the reason for disappearing anyway). Not been straightened. No life-event posts on Facebook. No car crash. No fuck all. And it is exactly because my numbers have not been increasing that I don't know if I should post...about life's routine?

I don't keep a record but if I drew a cumulative chart for the number of cocks I have had an affair with over time, I am on a plateau now longer than ever before. When I was a uni student, there would have been a commendable uphill slope, accelerated with Grindr's gain in momentum. Then when I got my car, it probably shot up like Apple's share price at the time. My car also took me to Rob's house on the opposite side of town.

Some kind of relationship has built up between Rob and I like cobwebs when nobody was watching, without a single date or any words of commitment ever being said. I have also become a regular at the glory hole. The smokey lad would call once in a while too. With a few tried-and-tested buddies like them on speed dial I have become...more fussy with picking men for a local hook up. I still go on Grindr all the time but this is only a town rather than a city - everyone has already tried it with almost everyone else in their league or above. I don't say yes to just anyone with a functioning cock anymore. The desperate bottom-or-die urge also comes less often for some unknown reason.

Should I be concerned?


PR8 said...

Welcome back Ethan! Is that your ass?

Ethan said...

No it's not. lol