Sunday, 16 March 2014

Could have been my Facebook status

Jist of the story is, I went to fuck a lad (31) from Grindr. I wouldn't let him kiss my ears because it's too intimate. He took offence and I bolted. He slammed the door behind me. What the fuck is the deal with these gay boys.

Maybe I could have explained it in a more diplomatic way but he should have stopped trying to kiss my ears when I told him to stop for the third fucking time.


PR8 said...

Hmm, if kissing the ears is considered as intimate then Peter Pan and I must be really intimate because he just couldn't leave my ears alone especially when he's f*cking me!

And Ehtan, isn't sex supposed to be an intimate and fun experience between two people who want to share themselves with each other completely?

Ethan said...

Don't you get it? It's only meant to be a bit of fun. I wasn't looking for someone to walk down the aisle with.

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