Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It's always someone's other half

Hello mr. Did u get home safe on Saturday? On Sunday we went to Sheffield park. Lovely place

Just received this text from Mateo. The "we" refers to him and his partner.

It's Saturday night. I am at a gay club with a friend. I have never been here before. A few more guys I know are coming too. Mateo and his partner James are here with their friends. I've known Mateo for nearly two years. He's an artist and he always makes me laugh with his Spanish ways. He is friendly and welcoming to everyone - he even invites his Grindr fucks to his birthday parties. All acceptable because he has a big, warm Spanish heart. I see Mateo every week but we are just friends. He is an attractive man (around 40, my height, groomed and VERY fit) but I never had any fantasies about him because he is with James who is also a nice, sweet man.

Anyway, my friend and I head down from the bar to the dance floor. Mateo is already a bit drunk and sweating under his black shirt. James has gone home. I start getting warm and I am sweating too. The floor is all sticky from spilt drinks. Mateo is a dance machine. He dances with guys he knows and guys he doesn't know, swaying and thrusting. Then he comes to me, going down and up with the music, which makes me laugh. And he keeps coming around but I like it because he's a joker and a good dancer. Under the flashing lights and deafening music, he takes his shirt off and ties it around his waist. I cheer him on but he grabs the bottom of my T-shirt and takes it off too. I am dancing shirtless. I have never felt so gay. Mateo and I begin to fuse together. I feel him having a taste of the sweat on my neck. I run my tongue along his tricep when he dances with his arms up and he keeps them up for a bit longer, enjoying it. He gets very close to my face a few times and I think, whoa, is he trying to kiss me? To me, kissing means real attraction rather than just fun and games. Later on, when we have our clothes back on, we are still dancing and sweating. Mateo comes close again, with a big smile as usual. Very close. So close our noses touch. I approach slowly to give him a chance to back away but he doesn't. Our lips touch. We kiss and the kiss turns into a little snog - only very little like we are testing each other. Then he backs away and smiles and carries on dancing. I go to the bar for a drink with my friend, who tells me Mateo and James are in an open relationship and that I shouldn't feel guilty. Ok well, I never take him seriously anyway. I know he's having fun in his Spanish way. I just never knew he wanted to do that with me.

We leave the club before the music stops and everyone starts leaving. I am getting a taxi with my friend and Mateo is walking back to his house. We say bye and Mateo looks at me, smiling. And he waits. I know what he wants so I walk up and we kiss again next to the taxi rank.

"I think Mateo really likes you," says my friend.
"He just likes to have fun. I know him well enough."

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