Tuesday, 31 December 2013

He likes it rough

The rusty entrance gate to the building slams shut behind me making a loud noise. I make my way up to the fifth floor by the narrow staircase illuminated by some cheap fluorescent tubes. There is only one flat on each floor and this particular door in front of me is shiney dark wood, distinctively newer and nicer than the rest of the building. I open the door and there he is, a few steps away on his knees, wearing nothing except a netted Andrew Christian jockstrap and a blindfold. I close the door, put my jacket on the table and let my semi out through the flies on my jeans. I remove his blindfold so he can take a good look while he starts sucking on my cock.

He looks gorgeous just like in the photos I have seen. He has the kind of nice features that let him get away with just about anything in life. But he is a sub boy really. He has been calling me "sir" on Grindr and telling me how eager he is to be my bitch. I don't have any experience with a sub boy, but I find the chat very horny and want to have a go. Can't be that hard to face-fuck someone.

I try my best to look like I know what I am doing. I let him come up for a snog and he goes for it like an excited puppy, wagging his tail. After the greetings it's time to get back to business which means blindfold back on and I cuff his hands behind him with a thick velcro restrainer he has ready on the coffee table. I'm glad it's not fiddly because I could just see myself taking ages to put them on like an awkward amateur. I am doing ok. I let him suck some more while I play with his nipples - he seems to like it and being smacked on his face/tits from the way he moans. I lead him around the sofa to lay him down with his head resting on a black, fluffy mini footstool/beanbag and sit on his face with a bit of leaning towards a 69'er. He rims my hole so enthusiastically I think he was enjoying it more than me. Sometimes I'd turn around to face-fuck him a bit with his head on the beanbag.

I can't remember when I took his expensive underwear off but he doesn't seem to like having his uncut cock wanked much. I think it's the kind with a sensitive head that has to have the turtleneck rolled down in a particular way or something. I release the buckle between the cuffs and let him play with himself while I fucked his face. Now he's sitting up, I ask him if he wants my piss. He moans in confirmation, with my cock still in his mouth. I tell him to stop sucking but my cock is still pointing down his throat - I just need him to lose the grip so I can start the flow. As soon as it starts his lips seal around my hose and he gulps down the oil. It feels funny because I am pissing, I am using those muscles, but I can't see or hear the stream. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there...

I turn him towards the beanbag again but this time with his head down, ass up, hands behind his back. Sub boys love that position. I think. I start spanking his arse. I just want to see if it turns me on. As his cheeks go from pale to bright pink, his yelping gets louder and sounds more genuine. Ok not doing anything for me. I go for his hole with my fingers and some spit. He wails when I put the first finger in although it was an easy entry. He makes the same noise when I pull out. So with the next fingers I go in very slowly, making sure he has time to adjust with the help of some lube. I enjoy feeling around inside him. And he moans in pleasure when his cuffed hands have given up looking for something to hold on to. When I get to four fingers (I only go half way in and I don't have fat fingers so it's actually not much more than a big cock) he says with his mild french accent he wants to suck my cock. I take that as a signal to move on.

He turns back around and lays there while I go in and out of his mouth. I unbuckle him again so he can play with himself. He says he wants my cum. I start increasing the pace and tensing my core muscles. The thrusting action does it for me and I peel off his blindfold seconds before ropes of cum slide up his face, with a third of it bounced off and onto the beanbag over his head. I should have left his blindfold on because now he can't open either of his eyes. He comes on his stomach as I am still straddling his face. It doesn't last very long so when he's done with his orgasm I get up to wash my hands under the kitchen tap. He heads for the toilet to sort out his cum-covered face. By the time he reappears I am almost dressed. I am still very warm from the action. I give him a kiss (I wouldn't normally but he's cute) and make an exit.

He texts to say it was hot. The next day he texts again to ask if we could meet again (but I am not going to be free again before my flight home). Sounds like my dirty talk and dominating act wasn't too bad after all. But I wasn't that turned on by the role, probably because I was just putting all my effort into staying in character. It was interesting though.

When sex is the NSA kind of sex, it is just a game. But when there is connection between the two it is so much more. I still think about Brad every day.


PR8 said...

I so agree with you on your last paragraph... I guess that's the reason why I've stopped having NSA sex with anyone at all besides PP...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make love with someone who I can wake up next to and cuddle again in the morning :-) Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 bring you love that is true