Saturday, 14 December 2013

How it started less than a week ago

I must have really left an impression on Brad. He carried on sending me messages saying how he’d like to spend more time with me next time I was back in town, and I would be welcome to stay in their apartment in Manhattan if I ever went. I thought it was the polite thing to say.

July 2012, I am in New York for just over a week to see the city and a friend who is there for business. But for the first few days I choose to stay at Craig and Brad’s apartment. They are both supposed to be back here in New York for a few weeks but apparently Brad is delayed by some last minute errands. Craig goes to his office in the morning and doesn’t usually come back until late evening. He is always sweet and treats me like a friend. Nothing more. We have sex once - not sure if he is actually keen or just doesn't want to reject me. I never see Brad or even speak to him over the phone. He is still pretty much just someone-I-met-once. But I am immensely grateful for their generosity and trust as a couple.

A month ago, I send Brad a Facebook message about my upcoming trip, addressed to both of them. A few days after touching down, I am invited over for dinner. We talk and drink until the wee hours, before our clothes come off. Like last time, Craig is happy to just watch sometimes while stroking himself. There was a lot of kissing and fucking but mostly only between Brad and I. I have a Range Rover up my back end and it seems to have endless stamina. Eventually, in a straddling position, I shoot all over Brad’s body up to his shoulder. And the sight of it sends Craig over the edge too.

Three men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s share a bed that night. Brad and I are spooning all night but separate from Craig – I think he’d rather be left alone to get some sleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, Craig leaves for work. Brad and I end up in bed again. We make out and he tells me about how good it felt last night, how much he adores me, over and over again like he can’t help himself.


Anonymous said...

Aww If I had known u went over here in NY, I would have loved to have coffee with you.

By the way, I am in a polyamorous relationship with two guys for a year now...and I felt intensely connected to the both of them. Miss them so much too.

Ethan said...

I have a reader from New York? That's pretty cool! Anonymous, I am very intrigued - can you tell me more about the relationship? How did it start? Do you feel equally strong for both of them? Do you live together?

PR8 said...

Ethan, I'm a little confused... Are you American or British?

Ethan said...

I'm British but I hail from the Far East. We probably have that in common.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I've been following your blog for the past few months ever since I moved into New York City. Cant remember how I stumbled upon your blog though but I got hooked by your witty posts. I personally liked the ones about Christian dogma. I think I left a couple of anonymous comments too.
So yeah, I was living with my partner for about 4 years when we both fell in love with a younger guy...while still having strong feelings for each other. It was a lot more complicated at first because, secretly, we were initially fighting the feelings we had for him. Things fell into place and we're planning on moving into a bigger condominium next year!

Anonymous said...

The best thing about our relationship is that we complement each other...and yeah, I love them both so much. The nights are intense too...whoa

Ethan said...

That's very interesting. My situation at the moment is a bit different but I'd be the younger guy here. Always good to see things from another perspective!