Monday, 12 May 2014

Rocking the boat

It is safe to say that I have never been intimate with anyone for as long as I have with Rob. By intimate I mean fucking and spooning. No we don't fuck every time.

A month ago I heard a 50 year old lady caller on the radio telling the host about her and her 25 year old boyfriend. I cringed and texted Rob about it as a joke. He asked, does that mean you want to be my bf? We toy with the idea from time to time but I always change the subject because I am scared of making commitments that could one day be false.

Earlier this month when I heard there was a chance I might have to relocate to Birmingham for work with my company, I realised that it would be difficult to leave Rob. He didn't say anything about it over dinner. Birmingham is nice. You'd like it.

I think I have made the common young men's mistake and grown a bit attached. When I get to Rob's age, maybe I, too, will have accepted a way of life on my own with a couple of small animals and no one is indispensable. That's the difference between a 25 year old and a 40+ man.


Buddy Bear said...

A very interesting post! Is that a common young man's mistake? To become attached to an older man?

I'm nearly 52 and hook up regularly with young guys, usually in their early 20s. I never message them initially and they are the ones doing all the pursuing. I see a number of them on an on-going basis.

Our encounters are very sweet and uncomplicated but I would never in a million years consider having someone 30 years younger as a boyfriend, especially since they're the age of my own children.

But should I be so casual about it? Should I worry that they will become attached to me? I don't want to hurt their feelings. Hmmmm....

Ethan said...

Buddy Bear, you'd be alright if you keep it physical. Don't start making them breakfast, going out for dinner together, or keeping a toothbrush for them in your bathroom.

Young guys hook up with older men usually because they are easier. But young guys who keep going back to the same one actually find the sex exceptionally good, or they realise older men are more decent than boys at our age who can be quite immature and exhausting.

Ms. F said...

I have always been interested in guys older than me. Even if I am interested in someone my age, he is usually exceptionally mature. I guess because the mature ones knows how to make us feel special and being cared. This inevitably leads to feeling attached to them... I am myself now feeling a bit attached to this one guy and it doesn't seem like this is reciprocated. Hmm..
Anyway, best of lucks to you :)

PR8 said...

Hey Ethan, first, it's difficult to find someone that you feel like you can make a commitment to. And second, once you found this person, it's no guarantee that this person will have the reciprocal feeling for you. Love is a tough game. I've been through that before. Hug x