Friday, 30 May 2014

Look away. This post is GAY!

He said "see you tomorrow night" but I was once again let down by his promise. It seems to be a recurring theme and it always happens like this.

I text him to say I'm coming over. He doesn't respond. I get annoyed. We don't speak/text for a week. I give up and say hi. He acts like nothing's happened.

I always find excuses for him like he's just useless at texting, or he's busy with his friend staying over. But the elephant in the room is that he couldn't care less about some kid who is only good for his physical needs.

I don't like writing about this because I don't like to come across as the nagging, clingy type. I'm not. I just need to adjust my expectations from an older man who doesn't want to deal with dating either.


Explorer Jack said...

Ah fuck dude. I'm sorry. It goes both ways though. I'm the older guy and have received the same treatment from a younger guy.

I'm afraid it's not necessarily the age difference, but sounds like a difference in expectations of your relationship.

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