Sunday, 20 January 2013

Signals at the gym

It doesn't look like the snow is going to stop anytime soon. So I thought might as well start setting up this blog and get used to posting regularly.

I was at the gym this morning. The gym that I go to is clean, well maintained and has a good range of equipment so I always go before it gets busy or after the office workers have left if on a weekday.

You know when you are at the gym, you are in your own world most of the time (unless someone catches your attention and you sneak a few peeks when nobody is looking). Sometimes there are the eye contacts which are either acknowledging or just a blank stare. But there are also the less subtle looks as I have started to notice.

I was walking behind a row of cardio machines lined along the full length windows and a few of them were being used. While my mind was still in another world this guy on the treadmill turned and looked at me for half a second and I looked at him. He was roughly the same height as me, probably in his early 30's, and was good looking. Maybe he meant to look at the spinning room behind me when he turned, but it was also an obvious way to catch someone's attention. Anyway I didn't think much of it. Then after a while when I was resting on a resistance machine, he walked past and shot me a glance as he passed in front of me and off the to changing room. Now that felt like he wanted me to know he was checking me out.

If he weren't wearing a purple top (the sports kind, but still), maybe I wouldn't be so sure.

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