Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cum meet my new neighbour

I was taking the rubbish out when I saw a few more cars than usual in the parking area. When I came back a hot guy was standing by the entrance to the block, watching a van pull up. He said hi and I said hi. Turned out he was moving into the flat on the floor above. WHAT? You mean this stunner is going to be my neighbour? Some of the flats here go through tenants pretty regularly but I have never seen anyone with above-average looks - don't get me wrong most of them are nice people but "nice" and "hot" don't usually happen at the same time.

This guy though, he had a lot of stuff. There was an older man and lady, who I assumed were his parents, helping him shift his stuff and they just kept unloading out of that van and another big car. Two double mattresses? A massive flat screen TV? Big pieces of souvenir crap people buy when they go to exotic countries and I think I saw a Samurai sword somewhere too. If his flat is the same size as mine then it probably looks like the back room of a charity shop now.
Well if he needs somewhere to sleep before he can find space on his bed, tell him I'm in number 65.

(This is the same guy but without the tight fitting jumper - phwoar...)

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PR8 said...

Hmm he seems buff and hot from a distance. You should have offered him to carry his stuffs to get to know him better. Or easier, you may find him when you are on Grindr lol :P