Saturday, 6 April 2013

Starting the engine

I am sick of getting overtaken by fast cars. And to be honest, an average car has better acceleration than mine. Don't get me wrong it's goodlooking and perfectly adequate for everyday use and getting around for work. But it gives me as much excitement as a Disney film. So I'm going to get a motorbike. It will be a long journey of saving up and shit but I told myself that I needed to at least get the ball rolling this year. And I did. I have done my CBT training and got the certificate so I can now ride with L plates. Fuck yeah.

There was another young guy on the CBT course that day. He was in a blue long sleeved top with Brian, the dog from Family Guy, on it underneath his racer jacket. I thought he was pretty hot until he started talking - like a scally boy. He had a lot to say but most of it was shit. Some people find scally boy porn horny but they don't do anything for me. He was only 19 which meant even when he passed the final test he'd still be restricted on motorbike size (fortunately!). And he was already dad of a little boy. I just hope he had a proper job and wasn't living off my tax money.

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